• Image of Travel Kit: Muscle-Rehab

We know you're out there playing hard! Keep yourself in the game, on the go, with our Muscle-Rehab Kit. Give your body the TLC it needs to restore and recharge. Roll out those shoulder muscles, prevent stiffness with tiger balm, and freshen up that gym bag with our Eucalyptus Aromatic Spritzer! Rehab for your active lifestyle in minutes!

This Travel Kit comes complete with one tennis ball, a travel-size {.14oz} tiger balm (pain-relief ointment) & a 1oz bottle of our very own Eucalyptus Aromatic Spritzer (to keep that gym bag fresh).

Active Ingredients of Tiger Balm: camphor & menthol
Inactive Ingredients: cajeput oil, clove oil, dementholized mint oil & paraffin petrolatum